Creative Art Work

The children from Campsie Child Care Centre would like to thank Stampin`Up for donating craft materials for them. They shows their artistic talent when they make use of these materials to create art work.

Shuttlecock Kicking

The members from Campsie Activity Group came to Campsie Child Care Centre to demonstrate a Chinese folk game 'shuttlecock kicking' on 26th July. Children had fun when they had a turn kicking, throwing, catching or just holding a shuttlecock.

Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Dancing

Kookaburra children went to visit Campsie Activity Group on 21st June. We would like to thank the members for their wonderful Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Dancing.

Olympic Games 2016

Olympic Games is a big sports event. Kookaburra children engaged in mini Olympic Games to foster their enjoyment in physical activities. They also learnt that Olympians from all over the world get together to play sports and celebrate friendship and unity.

Life Cycle of Chicken

Children learnt about the life cycle of chicken when they observe how chicks hatch and grow. They developed the caring disposition towards animals when they were involved in taking care of the chicks.

Moon Festival 2016

Moon Festival is an important festival to Chinese families. Kookaburra children celebrated Moon Festival to learn about Chinese culture. This supported Chinese children to develop cultural identities and heritage, and non-Chinese children to develop respect towards other cultures.

Visit Campsie Activity Group

Kookaburra children visited Campsie Activity Group on 23rd August 2016. When the members performed dancing, the children joined in and improvised their dancing, too.

Visit Aged Care

Butterfly children visited CASS Residential Aged Care Facility on 8th August 2016. They performed nursery rhymes and participated in activities. The residents were very friendly and showed interests in engaging in activities with the children.

2015 Christmas Activities

At Christmas time, Santa Claus brings lollies and gifts to the children around the world but in this festive season, on 3/12/15, Campsie Child Care Centre children visited CASS Residential Aged Care Facility and brought joy, happiness and laughter to the heart of the residents. The children performed to the residents , they sang songs, danced and offered hand- made Christmas cards to the residents. In return, the residents were very generous and gave the children baskets full of lollies to take back to the centre. Children learnt that Christmas time is not just receiving gifts from Santa Claus and it is the time to share and bring joy to others.

Environment and Daily Activities

During our daily practices, we provide opportunities for children to develop social skills while encouraging creativity, exploration and investigation across all areas of development.

Computer Program

Children resource their own learning through technologies. At the centre they practice their computer skills by playing games and use the internet to access information about a variety of topics.